Loans with Debt Collection – Where to Get?

Where to look for a loan with a bailiff’s job? Even in the case of non-bank loans, the choice will be relatively limited but it is also not an out of office situation.

People looking for non-bank loans usually have a specific reason to reach for cash outside the bank. Most often it is simply a negative decision of the bank due to low creditworthiness or other loan repayments. Sometimes, however, these are more serious matters like negative credit history in database and even bailiffs’ activities.

Where to Get Loan?

In the latter case, can we count on getting a loan anywhere? Of course, there are many companies that offer the so-called loans with a debt collector, or if you prefer a loan with a bailiff’s occupation. However, most of these types of companies require payment of a preparation fee or prepayment before granting the loan. However, such a fee is non-refundable and even if we receive a negative decision to grant a loan, we will no longer pay such a fee. And you should know that some of the companies demand in this case to pay even several dozen or several hundred zloty prepayment. Nowadays, companies that still use such methods as part of granting their loans are considered unreliable and not honest. So we should avoid them from a distance…


One of the companies not charging before granting the loan is Lapuda Money. How can we learn from advertising materials, a loan is possible even when seized by bailiffs or arrears recorded in Databases.

The offer of a loan with a bailiff’s attachment enables a non-bank loan to be obtained even up to PLN 25,000. This applies even if we have a negative credit history at database. In the case of this loan, however, it is necessary to have a guarantor. This is a person who will be an additional security for the loan, but thanks to which we can get rid of bailiff debt once and for all. The person who guarantees the loan will enable the repayment of the loan, should the borrower be unable to pay its liabilities in the form of monthly loan installments in a timely manner. This is an interesting proposition for people struggling with various types of debt, because the cost of loans as non-bank conditions are not particularly high. We can conclude a loan agreement anywhere in the country, because all formalities related to obtaining a loan are settled via the Internet and by phone.

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